Blumentals Easy GIF Animator Pro Crack Full v7.0.0.55 Download

Blumentals Easy GIF Animator Pro Crack Full v7.0.0.55 Download

Blumentals Easy GIF Animator Pro Crack


Blumentals Easy GIF Animator Pro Crack Overview:

Easy GIF Animator is a powerful animated GIF editor and the top tool for creating animated pictures, banners, buttons and GIF videos. You get extensive animation editing features, animation effects, unmatched image quality and optimization for the web. No other GIF animation software matches our features and ease of use, that’s why Easy GIF Animator is so popular.


  • Create animated pictures
    Easily create animated banners, buttons, cartoons and pictures
  • Built-in image editor Updated
    Easily modify animation frames or draw new pictures
  • Frame management
    Add, remove, edit, move, swap, duplicate and extract one or more files at once
  • Optimization & compression
    Produce optimized, high-quality animated images
  • Convert Video to GIF Updated
    Create animated GIF files from video file fragments.
  • Moving text effects
    Easily create attention-grabbing animated text
  • Animation effects
    Easily add visual effects like sparkles, zoom, rotate etc.
  • Save as Flash or video Pro
    Save your animation as SWF Flash or AVI Video file
  • Transparency management
    Easily create and manage transparent areas of your image
  • Resize animated GIF images
    Resize or crop a whole GIF animation with a single click
  • Animations with sound Pro
    Save animations in SWF format with background sound




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