EPLAN Electric P8 v2.6.3 [32-64_Bit] Full Version Download



EPLAN Electric P8 offers unlimited possibilities for project planning, documentation, and management of automation projects. The automatic production of detailed reports based on wiring diagrams is an integral part of a comprehensive documentation system and provides subsequent phases of the project, such as production, assembly, commissioning and service with the data required. Engineering data from other project areas can be exchanged via interfaces with the CAE software, thus guaranteeing consistency and integration throughout the entire product development process.


Get a head start and discover exciting further functionalities and improvements that the EPLAN Platform, version 2.6 offers you.

  • Management of terminals and terminal strips
  • New graphics for master data
  • New schematic management in plug editor
  • Highlights of the entire EPLAN Platform 2.6
  • Management of projects and project data
  • New pre-filtering in the parts database
  • Improved IT integration: rights management
  • Improved IT integration: internet proxy settings
  • Management of sub-projects
  • Improved SQL integration






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