Kodi DSPlayer Full 17.5 Free Download Latest

Kodi DSPlayer Full 17.5 Free Download

Kodi DSPlayer Full


Kodi DSPlayer Full Overview:

Kodi DSPlayer is a DirectShow-based media player for Kodi Entertainment Center. The player is designed to work with or replace the default Kodi media player, DVDPlayer, while offering full integration with the existing Kodi interface. This means all media databases and player controls will function in the same manner as a standard Kodi installation. DSPlayer is installed on Windows operating systems through custom installation packages, which are made available in conjunction with official releases of Kodi.


  • Compatibility with most custom DirectShow filters such as LAV Filters, Xy-SubFilter, Haali Media Splitter, AV Splitter, FFDShow, AC3Filter, etc.;
  • Full integration with madVR video renderer including a customized madVR gui and access to all madVR post-processing features;
  • Custom video renderers: Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) and Video Mixing Renderer 9 (VMR9);
  • Complete settings gui for DSPlayer-related controls and options;
  • Extended audio streams and subtitle choice dialogs;
  • Ability to add filters and assign media rules through the Kodi interface.




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