Locus Map Pro Outdoor GPS v3.19.0 Full Premium APK Download



An ultimate navigation application for all OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS – hikers, mountainbikers, mountaineers, trail runners or geocachers. And not only for them, Locus Map Pro is widely used also by PROFESSIONALS – explorers, travelers or rescue squads all over the World.


– advanced navigation capability, supporting online and offline routing services
– unprecedented choice of premium online and offline maps
– advanced map tools – map overlays, offsets, WMS sources support
– tools for monitoring sports activities – tracking, training manager, charts, statistics, support of external sensors (GPS, HRM, cadence…)
– worldwide weather 24/7 forecast
– sophisticated tools for geocaching – location tools, online/offline logging, support of trackables, Pocket Queries, spoilers…

– US – USGS, ChartBundle, OpenStreetMaps…
– Europe – Outdooractive Summer and Winter, Freytag-Berndt (Germany, Austria, northern Italy), IGN (France), (Finland), Turistautak (Hungary), Skoterleder (Sweden), Statkart (Norway), Retromap (Russia), UMP and (Poland), SHOCart and SmartMaps (Czech and Slovak rep.) …
– other World – GSI (Japan), Visicom (former Soviet countries), Navigasi (Indonesia), NzTopoMaps (New Zealand)…
– support of WMS sources – meteorological maps, NASA maps, cadastral maps…
Most of the online maps can be DOWNLOADED for offline use.

– LoMaps – OSM based vector maps of the whole World – with switchable themes for hike/bike, road or city use – first THREE MAPS ARE FOR FREE
– Germany, Austria – Outdooractive Summer and Winter, Freytag-Berndt
– Switzerland – traditional quality SwissTopo maps
– United Kingdom – Ordnance Survey Opendata
– support of SQLite, TAR, MBT, GEMF, Orux or RMAP formats
– support of own OpenStreetMap data or custom map themes





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