Starus Excel + Word Recovery Full Version 2.5 Download

Starus Excel + Word Recovery Full Version 2.5 Download

Starus Excel + Word Recovery Full


Starus Excel + Word Recovery Full Overview:

Recover lost and deleted spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice formats! Starus Excel Recovery combines quick and comprehensive recovery in a single tool, allowing users to either quickly undelete documents from cleared Recycle Bin or perform a comprehensive analysis of the entire physical device. The comprehensive analysis mode allows surefooted recovery from formatted, repartitioned and inaccessible devices. Microsoft Excel XLS/XLSX and OpenOffice ODS spreadsheets can be recovered regardless of the version. Spreadsheets are recovered complete with all formulas, scripts and embedded objects.


Recover Word documents that go missing! Starus Word Recovery recovers documents saved by Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer from healthy, corrupted, formatted and inaccessible hard drives, external and removable storage media.


Long gone are the days of static, table-only spreadsheets. Today’s spreadsheets feature formulas, graphs, scripts, embedded pictures and objects and analytic functionality. Starus Excel Recovery will successfully restore the entire content of a spreadsheet including all of the following:

  • Sheets, rows and columns
  • Dynamic items such as formulas, graphs and analytic functions
  • Embedded pictures and objects
  • Drawings and charts
  • Links, URLs and cross-references
  • Styles, borders, headers, merged cells and other table-specific formatting
  • Comments and revision marks
  • Document metadata




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